Forteresse de Montbazon

12-14 rue du Château


02 47 34 34 10

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The Fortress thanks you !

The Fortress thanks you !


Following the call for donations concerning the renovation of the hall via the crowdfunding platform Dartagnans, we were able to achieve the first objective and that is why we would like to thank you, on the one hand, for your support, both financially and morally, and on the other hand, your shares which allowed us to have visibility. 


It was with great pleasure that we read your messages of encouragement; it touched us hugely. 


By participating in this project, you contribute to the preservation of an historical heritage and you write the history of the Fortress, so that it can continue to exist in time. Become the smugglers of history!


It’s a legacy that must be saved and preserved for future generations


Thank you again for your support ! 

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