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Accès au site

Adresse :

Forteresse de Montbazon

12-14 rue du Château


Coordonnées GPS : 

N47177386 E04246054

Parking bus :

En bas de la forteresse, située le long de la D910 dans le sens Poitiers


Centre technique rue de la cocharde 


Parking à l'entrée nord de Montbazon

(derrière l'office de Tourisme)

Train :

Gare TER à 800m

Arrêt Bus à 200m

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j'y vais en train rémi.png


Les week-ends et jours fériés en avril, mai, juin et jusqu' au 15 septembre : de 10h à 18h (dernière entrée à 17h)

Tous les jours de juillet et août : de 10h à 19h (dernière entrée à 18h)

Accueil en français et en anglais

Visites animées 

- A venir pour la saison 2024 (durée : environ 1h).

- En anglais : avec audio-guide disponible via QR code sur votre téléphone à la boutique.

NB : les visites animées sont incluses dans le tarif d'entrée

Souterrains : accès uniquement avec le guide pendant la visite (prévoyez une veste, la température constante dans les souterrains est de 12 à 14°).

- Horaire des visites animées : 10h30 / 12h00 / 14h15 & 16h45

- Saynète de l'hygiène au moyen-âge à : 15h45

Ateliers et animations 


L'accès aux divers ateliers se fait librement durant les horaires d'ouverture. 

Les horaires des ateliers sont disponibles directement sur place. 

15h45 : une saynète sur la vie au Moyen-Âge (L'adoubement ou le Bain Médiéval).


Tarifs et réservation

Adulte : 12€

Enfant (de 5 à 12 ans) : 8€

Tarif réduit (groupe de 20 personnes, sur présentation d'un justificatif : demandeur d'emploi, personne en situation de handicap, étudiant) : 10€

Gratuit pour les enfants de moins de 5 ans.

Gratuit pour les Montbazonnais sur présentation d'un justificatif de domicile pour chaque membre de la famille

2 deniers sont remis à chaque entrée payée, valables sur les ateliers créatifs (poterie, cuir, calligraphie-enluminure, cire) et le lancer de haches.

2€ par denier supplémentaire (achat à la boutique).

Les deniers permettent de participer aux ateliers créatifs

Ils ne sont ni remboursables, ni échangeables 

Il n'est pas obligatoire de réserver votre billet sur notre site internet : vous pouvez aussi acheter votre entrée directement sur place, à la billetterie de la forteresse.

Infos pratiques
ensemble logs.png
  • Do I have to reserve my entrance beforehand ?
    No, it is not mandatory to reserve your entrance. You can also buy your tickets directly at the reception of the fortress.
  • ➢ Can I   book by phone?
    It is not possible to book by phone. To book you will need to go through our website.
  • ➢ On average, how many hours can we spend in the fortress?
    The average visit time is 3 hours but if you want to rest at the tavern, you may stay all day.
  • ➢Are there preferential rates  ?
    Admission is €12 for adults / €8 for children (5 to 12 years old) and free for Montbazonnais* (*upon presentation of proof of address).
  • ➢ Do you take holiday vouchers and gift vouchers?
    It is possible to pay with holiday vouchers. However, it is not possible to pay with gift vouchers.
  • ➢ Is catering included in   the entrance fee?
    The tavern is accessible on site but offers menus at independent prices.
  • ➢ Are guided tours included in the admission price?
    Yes, the visits and the demonstration of war machines are included.
  • Do I have to book a workshop to attend ?
    No, the workshops are open access throughout the day.
  • Do I need to reserve a tour time to participate ?
    It is not necessary to reserve a place for the guided tours. You are free to choose your time slot according to the posted schedules.
  • ➢ Can I bring my pet (dog) to the fortress?
    Yes, it is possible to bring your dog to the site of the Montbazon fortress, but you must keep it on a leash throughout the visit and the workshops. In addition, you can find a "doggie bar" to water your dog in the heart of the Tavern.
  • ➢ Where can I book a school outing day?
    You can contact us by email: or call 02 47 34 34 10. All the information is available on our "school" page, where you can download our educational files.
  • ➢ Is lunch included in the price?
    No, this is an independent rate.
  • ➢ What services are offered for a school day?
    The services offered are an animated tour of the fortress, a demonstration on the war machine, as well as the presentation of craftsmanship in the Middle Ages.
  • ➢ Is there private parking for school buses?
    No, however a car park allows parking nearby.
  • ➢ What about batch requests? (tombola, contests, competitions, etc...)
    The fortress of Montbazon does offer free places, but it does so primarily to schools that have already come on a school visit to the fortress.
  • ➢ What  is the maximum number of children allowed?
    There is no maximum number however there is a minimum which is 10 children.
  • ➢ Can accompanying parents come? And how much ?
    Yes, 2 companions for birthdays, included in the minimum 10 people.
  • ➢ What services are offered for a birthday party?
    The classic formula with visit plus workshops and snack or entertainment plus snack.
  • ➢ What is the age group to be able to book a birthday party at the fortress?
    The age range is between Kindergarten and Primary.
  • ➢ Is it possible to choose the birthday cake?
    It is possible to give preferences. However the traditional cake is raspberry.
  • ➢ Is there private parking for visitors?
    Yes, it is next to the fortress and can be accessed for free.
  • ➢ Can I come by train?
    You can indeed get off at Montbazon station (count about 20 minutes from Tours). All you have to do is walk the rest of the way (5 min).
  • ➢ Can I come by bus?
    It is possible to come by bus, by taking a bus in Tours (allow about 30 minutes), which will drop you off in front of the Montbazon tourist office.
  • ➢ Is the car park accessible for people with motor disabilities?
    You can park in the visitor parking lot. You can also contact us when you arrive and someone will pick you up in a cart and take you directly to the site.
  • ➢ Is the site accessible with a stroller?
    You can come with your child in a stroller, however note that the gravel ground may compromise good circulation.
  • ➢ Is the site   accessible by   wheelchair  ?
    The entire site and its activities are accessible to people in wheelchairs (beware, however, of the ground covered with gravel), except for access to the dungeon, which is via a staircase.
  • ➢ Can I bring my dog to the site?
    Yes, it is possible to bring your dog to the site but it must be kept on a leash throughout your visit.
  • ➢ What are the denarii used for?
    The funds are used to participate in creative workshops (leather, pottery, calligraphy), from where you will leave with your creation.
  • ➢ How to get more denarii?
    The entrance price includes 2 deniers, which are provided to you at the reception. If you wish to obtain more, it is possible to obtain them at reception for €2 per additional penny.
  • ➢ Is it allowed to come in costume?
    Of course, with pleasure.
  • ➢ Can we eat inside the fortress?
    The tavern welcomes you with pleasure, the innkeeper too! You can eat delicious specialties prepared on site at any time of the day (see the "catering" page of our website).
  • ➢ Is the animated guided tour suitable for all ages?
    The guide adapts his visit according to his audience. It is therefore possible to have a visit full of historical information or to make a more digestible visit for a young audience.
  • ➢ Are the workshops suitable for everyone? (children, adults, people with disabilities, seniors, etc.)."
    Of course the workshops are suitable for everyone.
  • ➢ Can the site be freely visited?
    It is quite possible that you visit the site freely.
  • ➢ Can we visit the undergrounds freely  ?
    It is strictly forbidden to visit the underground without a guide*. *underground visit authorized subject to the sanitary conditions in force
  • ➢ Are there covered areas to take shelter in bad weather?
    In case of bad weather, there are sheltered areas available.
  • ➢ Where to leave a review?
    Feel free to leave a review on TripAdvisor, Google or Facebook to help the fortress team.
  • ➢ What to do with my remaining funds?
    You can take them home with them or drop them off at the store.
  • ➢ Where can I find lost/forgotten objects in the fortress?
    All items found are returned directly to reception.
  • ➢ How to join the fortress association team?
    To do this, simply go to the recruitment section of our website.
  • ➢ What are the terms of sponsorship?
    You must contact the fortress by email to explain the proposed sponsorship. The fortress accepts financial, material and human sponsorship.
  • ➢ What is Archaeosite?
    The archeosite is a project initiated by the fortress, with the aim of recreating an entire medieval village using the techniques of the time. For more information, do not hesitate to visit the "Archéosite de Montbazon" page on our website.
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